If you are looking for an easy way to purchase organic produce for your family, signing up for a community-supported agriculture box delivery is a good choice. Not only will you avoid making multiple trips to the grocery store, but you will know your family is eating produce that is fresh and healthy. You will also be helping your community by supporting your local farming and agriculture industry.

How it works

Community-supported agriculture deliveries may vary depending on your local agriculture community, but most require you to purchase a subscription at the beginning of the season. You usually have the option of determining how often you want to receive a box and various sizes may be offered to suit your needs. Paying upfront for your CSA delivery box allows farmers to use the money to purchase seeds and supplies they need for the following growing season.

Produce is always fresh

When you subscribe to a CSA delivery service, you will always have the freshest produce possible available to create healthy meals for your family. When you purchase produce from the grocery store, that produce may be a week or more old before it hits the store shelves due to transport time. Produce is the most nutritious when it is freshly harvested, and a CSA delivery makes the field-to-table time shorter. 

Know the source of your produce

When you shop at a grocery store, you may not always know where their produce comes from and how well those farms follow the regulations for organic farming. Purchasing locally gives you the opportunity to visit the farm and see for yourself how the produce is grown and if certification is up to date.

Enjoy seasonal produce

Subscribing to a CSA delivery service gives you the chance to enjoy various types of produce as they come in season. You may receive vegetables you have not tried before, which gives you the opportunity to get creative and make new recipes for your family. Subscribers also enjoy the excitement of wondering what produce will be in their box each week.

It would be difficult to find any reason not to sign up for a CSA organic vegetable delivery. Having plenty of fresh and local produce on hand will help you create nutritious meals for your family, and you will receive a variety of vegetables throughout the growing season. It is also a great way to show support and appreciation for your local farmers.

For more information about organic vegetable CSA delivery box subscriptions, reach out to a local service.