Maybe you don't necessarily need a prepared meal delivery service for yourself, but are there people in your life who would benefit from such a service? Signing them up for such a service can be a really nice gift. You can sign them up just for a month, or you can pay for the service in an ongoing way as an even more generous measure. But who in your life can benefit from such services the most? Here are a few suggestions.

Older Adults

Maybe your parents or grandparents would really benefit from a prepared meals service. As people get older, they often become less able to follow recipes. Tasks like grocery shopping become harder, too. Even if they only have two or three prepared meals delivered each week, that's two or three fewer meals they need to worry about making. On the days they do still cook, they should have more energy and time left to do so. You also get the reassurance that they're receiving healthy meals, which can help prevent or minimize health problems down the road.


If you have a student in your life who doesn't live on campus with a meal plan, sending them prepared meals is a wonderful gesture. Most college students are on a tight budget, so having some meals provided will really help them financially. Plus, these will be healthy meals, which are a nice break from the takeout and fast food many students resort to when they're busy. Between studying, internships, and social obligations, college students are always running around, and not having to worry about cooking can be a huge relief.

Busy Parents

Another class of people who can really benefit from prepared meal delivery is busy parents. New parents, especially, sometimes struggle to balance caring for their kids with going to work, maintaining the household, cooking, and so forth. Even having a few delivered meals once a week frees up some time in their day. Make sure you send enough meals to feed the whole family. If the kids are young, one adult-sized meal is likely enough for two or three kids. (So, in other words, for a family of four, you'd want to send three adult meals.)

Giving a meal delivery service subscription as a gift is a lovely gesture. Think about the people in your life who could benefit from such a service, and sign them up. For more information, contact a local meal delivery service, like Georgie & Tom's.