The purchase of hamburger moulder equipment for your restaurant will naturally help with your lunch and dinner menus, but you can get even more value out of a moulder when you use the equipment for a breakfast menu. Learn how to infuse burger options for breakfast and expand your menu.

1. Breakfast Burgers

Many fast food restaurants have begun a trend of serving up breakfast burger options. The burgers are typically topped with eggs, bacon, and cheese. In some instances, you may replace the traditional bun with a breakfast biscuit or pancake.

Use a burger moulder to make hamburger patties for the morning crowds. You can infuse bacon pieces right into the meat, along with other seasonings. If you want to offer a sweet take on the breakfast burger, then consider infusing some maple syrup right into the meat.

When you use a moulder, you will create a flat and even patty that is easy to stack sunny-side-up eggs and bacon on the top of.

2. Sausage Patties

As an alternative to ground beef, you can use the hamburger moulder to create sausage patties for a breakfast menu. The round sausage patties are ideal for putting on sandwiches or serving up as a side dish.

A moulder will help keep all the ingredients packed and pressed together. If you make your own sausage, you can change the spice level with each patty. For example, a customer may request a hot sausage. The moulder makes it easy to create quick patties and customize each one as requested.

3. Omelette Options

Whether you make patties out of sausage or ground beef, the shape and cooking options will make it easy to use them in omelettes. You can easily cook the patties on a skillet and do not need a separate pan to break up unformed ground meat.

Once the patty is done cooking, you simply chop it up and add it to the center of the omelette with some cheese. A hamburger moulder also makes it easy to add ingredients with custom omelettes. For example, a customer may order a hamburger omelette with bacon and ham. A sausage patty may include fresh spinach and tomato.

You can infuse all the ingredients into a single patty and have a nice even spread of items throughout the omelette.

Once you make the moulder a part of your restaurant kitchen, you can play around with different ways to expand your breakfast menu.