There are many different facets to owning a restaurant—accounting, menu choices, bringing in traffic, location, and more. However, when it all comes down to what can really make or break a restaurant, the real key to success is having a great food service manager. Whether your restaurant is first opening, needs more efficiency, or requires professional help to overcome a slump, a food service manager can help you reach your goals.

1. They manage the staff.

A food service manager is trained to direct employees on what their tasks are, but also teaches different tactics to improve individual customer service skills and how to handle pressure. This help goes far beyond theories or answering essay questions—a great food service manager will personally jump in and show the example. They won't hesitate to jump in to make sure that customers are satisfied with their experience in your establishment. By ensuring that everything runs smoothly, you make a bigger profit and your restaurant improves.

2. They have the experience

In order for a person to earn their professional credentials in food service management, they must have at least 800 hours of industry work experience, whether or not they were paid for it. Since they have so much experience, you can rely on their opinions when they make suggestions on things like improving processes in the kitchen or dining areas.

3. You make more money.

When you hire a contract food service manager to come in on a temporary basis, they can help you get a better feel on how to improve your business. Since they already have the experience, their expertise is helpful in all kinds of situations like décor and menu options to how many staff meetings are required. If you don't want to be the one personally trained, you can always have them train one of your employees as well.

When a food service manager helps your restaurant run more efficiently, you are able to produce a higher customer turnover. Plus, when customers have a great experience at your business, they are likely to come back again- and bring their friends.

4. It saves you time.

Whether you have restaurant experience or not, having some extra help from an expert can lighten your load. There are a lot of things that a restaurant owner has to do. Recruiting high quality help can boost business and create dividends for years to come. This gives you plenty of time to focus your energy on keeping up with all of the paperwork, hiring, and accounting that is required when business really starts to boom. 

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