BBQ cuisine is a hit with almost any crowd. If you are thinking of catering a traditional BBQ feast for your next event, knowing how to pick the right brisket is important.

Here are three tips you can use as you peruse your local meat department to ensure you get the best brisket for your next BBQ.

1. Look for a brisket with a good layer of fat.

While the thought of eating animal fat might not sound too appealing, it's actually the fat that gives meat its flavor. Through a process known as the Maillard Reaction, the denatured proteins in meat break down and recombine with the sugars formed as fat begins to cook.

This reaction is what causes the meat to brown on your grill, and also releases the hydrophobic (another way of saying repelled by water) aromatic molecules that contribute to that BBQ smell you know and love. Look for a brisket with a uniform fat layer to ensure the best possible flavor.

2. Find a brisket that is the same thickness from end to end.

Since cooking time can vary anywhere from 3 hours to cook a 5 pound cut of meat using indirect grilling to 12 hours to smoke a 15 pound brisket, finding a uniform cut of meat is essential. If your brisket is not the same thickness from one end to the other, the thinner side will end up overdone.

Impressing the guests at your next BBQ event requires a precisely cooked piece of meat, and this can only be achieved when you start with a brisket that is the same thickness throughout the cut.

3. Only purchase a boneless brisket.

If you want your brisket to be the talk of the town, you must start out with a boneless cut of meat. While conventional wisdom might suggest that leaving the bone in during grilling will make your meat more tender and full of flavor, this just isn't true.

It's been found that bones contribute no significant flavor benefits when you are utilizing a dry cooking method (like grilling on the BBQ). Opt for a boneless cut of meat to ensure your BBQ brisket leaves a lasting impression.

When it comes to grilling, brisket is a popular choice among meat-lovers. Start your next catered event off right by taking the time to select the perfect brisket for your BBQ. For information from an experienced professional, contact companies like Bassett Caterers, or other food service locations.